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Rip Curl Flickr Set: Day 26 - Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2012 - IT's ON!!!

Chris Ward is the 2012 Rip Curl Cup Champion.<br />
Runner-up Mega Semadhi was nearly the champ in 2012.<br />
Chris Ward proposes to his girlfriend after being crowned Padang Cup champion<br />
Wardo's winning wave in the dying moments of the Final.<br />
Wardo, Mega and Craike take a shower together<br />
Wardo, the new King Of Padang<br />
Chris Ward exults after his perfect 10 comes in over the loudspeaker.<br />
Darmaputra Tonjo on a bomb.<br />
Local boy Mega Semadhi was on fire all day, and all Final - until Wardo nipped him at the last second.<br />
A storybook ending for Chris Ward, after winning on a perfect 10 in the last two minutes of the Final.<br />
Ward celebrates his victory with daughter, Malia.<br />
Bethany Hamilton got the best barrel of Heat 4 in Round 1 and advanced to the next round.<br />
Victory!<br />
Padang began to crank 6 ft sets by mid morning.<br />
Semi-finalist Garut Widiarta (left) and former two-time Padang champ Bol Adi Putra.<br />
Flynn Novak.<br />
Bol.<br />
Fans came out in droves to see Padang do its thing.<br />
Two-time champion Made "Bol" Adi Putra had an uncharacteristically early departure in the quarters.<br />
Flynn Novak.<br />

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