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  • Jadon Scures - King Of Benoa 2017 Wakeboard and Wakeskate Champion!

    Half Thai, Half American and living in Bali, Indonesia all his life, maybe that’s partly why this 12 year old has special talents no one in the World Of Wake has ever seen before! Jadon Scures has only been riding a wakeboard for 18 months and is already winning every category in his age group at Wake Skate and Wakeboard.…

  • Really Really Really Good Surfers - Ep.2 Gabriel Medina

    Welcome back to Really Really Really Good Surfers, our brand new web series all about the world’s best surfers (as told by the world’s best surfers).

  • Really Really Really Good Surfers - Ep.1 Matt Wilkinson

    Welcome to Really Really Really Good Surfers, a new web series all about, well, the world’s best surfers.

  • Taina Izquierdo - Soft in Heart, Rips in the Water

    Taina started surfing at the age of 8 at Padang Padang Beach in Bali. And from that moment on it became not just a hobbie, but a passion,  A year later she joined her first competition where she “fell in love with competitive surfing and knew that I wanted to be a Pro surfer”. This year Taina has exciting events approaching her…


    Another Successful King of Benoa presented by Rip Curl in the Books.  The second annual Rip Curl King of Benoa at Bali Wake Park concluded on Sunday, March 19 after an intense two day competition that saw wakeboarders and wakeskaters in national, amateur, and pro categories in every age group coming together and sharing their love for the sport. Tricks…

  • Owen Wright Wins The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

    March 19, 2017 -  15 months ago, Owen Wright surffered a severe brain injury at Pipeline. It had the potential to not only end his career, but his life. And at the starts of the year, no one knew was was coming. He surfed his first heat back, and won. Then surfed through the entire event, all the way to…

  • Daniel Grant - Back in Bali

    The English born 20 year old started wake boarding at the age of 8, and has made it his hobbie and passion, and now career as a full time professional. Daniel has been part of the team since 2009, when he was just a 12 year old boy, with passion and talent. He is now in Bali ready to compete…

  • Tyler Wright Is Ready: Bring On 2017

    It’s no surprise that, a week out from the start of the 2017 World Tour season, Tyler Wright is making headlines once again. That’s the way she did it when she won her first World Title, and that’s the way she’s starting her year – big, bold, no holding back.      

  • Mick Fanning & Owen Wright return to the World Tour in 2017

    This comes after a year sabbatical for both Owen and Mick. In 2016, Owen took the year off due to a serious head injury he suffered at Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore in December of 2015. Mick’s time off followed a dramatic 2015, in which he lost his older brother Peter, survived a world-famous shark encounter at the JBay Open,…

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